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    On March 1st night, the thanks banquet for Goomax Japan new products released and itsestablishment of 2nd anniversary was held in Tokyo. More than 200 people attended the event,including Shufan Wang & Xuefeng Jin--the consulate of Chinese Embassy in Japan, Shanpushang --Japanese doors and windows association special affairs director, Xiujie Chen--president of Fujian economic and cultural promotion association, Japanese customer representatives, folks representative in Japan, Goomax group president Dongsheng Chen, Xiamen Goomax president Hongweiwen Huang, marketing director Xiaoyan Wang.

    The banquet began after speech of Hongweiwen Huang. All seats are occupied by eminent, and GOOMAX prepared the exquisite gifts for the guests on site. The live lottery draws pushed the banquet to climax again and again. During his speech, the consulate Shufan Wang showed great praises to the rapid development of GOOMAX last 2 years. He encouraged GOOMAX and other enterprises to work together and promote the business communication and development between China and Japan. Dongshen Chen, Hongweiwen Hong, Xiaoyan Wang represented GOOMAX to propose a toast. The banquet was full of popularity and in a warm and sweet atmosphere.

    GOOMAX always puts more stress on Japanese market, not only developed new surface treatment according to Japanese market, but also released some new products during this banquet. They were much attended and accepted by Japanese PV industry and Construction Material industry.

     In last two years, Goomax branch breaks through itself and even gets a new high in development rigorous Japanese market. What advantages GOOMAX has?

    Dongsheng Chen, the group president, introduces: “The achievement of GOOMAX branch is only an epitome of GOOMAX’s production and operation. It is indivisible with the strict control of quality and strong scientific research ability. It is the result of GOOMAX base on products quality, keeping promise, unswervingly implementing management model of perfect performance. In February, GOOMAX received the honor of “mayor quality award”, which is the most agreement and encouragement to the constant pursuit of excellence and healthy quality management system of GOOMAX”.

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